Building Rapport with Selling Agents in a Hard Market: Tips and Tricks for Success


In a hot real estate market, buyers and investors are in a constant hunt for the best deals, creating a competitive and challenging environment. In such a scenario, building a strong rapport with selling agents becomes crucial for success. This article explores practical tips and tricks for effectively connecting with selling agents, standing out from the crowd, and ensuring a smooth and productive relationship.

Be Genuinely Nice

In the rush to secure a deal, many individuals forget the importance of basic courtesy and genuine interest in others. Take the time to ask the selling agents about their day and their weekend plans. This simple gesture can set a positive tone for the relationship, showing the agents that you see them as people first, not just a means to an end.

Actively Listen

Pay close attention to what selling agents are saying. They are often in a position to provide valuable insights and information about the properties and the market. By actively listening, you can understand their needs and concerns, which can be crucial in making their job easier and facilitating the transaction. For instance, requesting a video walkthrough for a property you’re considering buying sight unseen can preemptively address questions and issues, saving time and effort for both parties.

Provide Clear and Timely Feedback

Clear communication is key in any professional relationship. Ensure that you provide timely and constructive feedback to the selling agents. If you decide not to proceed with a transaction, inform them promptly and respectfully. This courtesy not only helps them in their work but also strengthens your relationship by showing respect for their time and effort.

Be Considerate of Their Time

Recognise that agents are often juggling multiple responsibilities and tasks. Be concise in your communication and try to make their job as easy as possible. For example, schedule appointments or calls in advance and be punctual, showing them that you value and respect their time.


In conclusion, building a strong rapport with selling agents in a hard market is about respect, clear communication, and consideration for their time and effort. By being genuinely nice, actively listening, providing timely feedback, and being considerate, you can establish a positive and productive relationship with selling agents, positioning yourself for success in the real estate market. Remember that a little courtesy and respect go a long way in building lasting professional relationships.

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